JB Jakubek


JB Jakubek is a freelance photographer based out of Orange County , California. Photography has driven him to create.

Always intrigued by photography, I entered college with an open mind not sure what I wanted to study. I followed the business route and put my creative tendencies to the wayside. After completing my degree and gaining years of experience in the sales world, I had to test my eye. I absolutley fell in love and quickly after was seeking a degree in digital photography from the Art Institute. Here we are today and I could not be happier with where my passion has taken me.

I openly challenge my eye to many photographic endeavors. Through composition, energy, light and line, I intrigue the eye. Photography allows me to do so by placing viewers into my world for a split second. I wake up every day feeling blessed that I am allowed to work with creative and passionate people that make my job so rewarding. I hope that we get the chance to collaborate and make this world something great to look at!

Thank you for taking the time to view my work,